Control Smartphone through your PC

Mostly when you are working on your PC or laptop, notifications on your smartphone don’t let you concentrate on your work. Worry…!!! Don’t worry. Now you can control your smartphone through your PC.

If you carry a android smartphone, then with the help of some applications and softwares you can control your smartphone through your laptop or PC. You can access you whole phone on your browser screen and it works on any operating system. Even if your android device and PC are not on the same Wifi network , it works equally well. You can receive and send the messages of your smartphone through your PC. You can reject the call ,manage the contacts , transfer the file, install and remove the apps ,set the ringtone and even locate the phone through your PC. Isn’t it interesting ???



Mobogenie application is available only for windows operating system. Along with bigger icons, it has a very clear user interface. Through this application you can access your phone through your PC. Phone contacts, messages, files and media can be easily managed through this. You can install this through desktop app manager. You can also take up the whole backup of your phone on your PC. There are many other ways to make multiple use of it.





Powerful desktop manager, available only for Windows(OS) user. It supports both Android and IOS. Through PC you can manage contacts, SMS as well as multimedia files of your smartphone. You can check the battery level of your phone through the PC. It also carries the backup feature similar to the Mobogenie.




Open source Android Management software windows. Available for Mac and Linux as well. Main feature of Qtadb is that it has a very simple user interface. It carries the same feature, Moborobo has. With the help of this you can also transfer your data.

Mighty Text


It is very easy way to receive or send the messages through your PC. All you need to do is to install the application on your phone and then add the mighty text browser extension on your chrome, Firefox, opera, safari or any other browser. After syncing your phone with your PC, you can send or receive the message on computer screen. It too carries all the basic features listed above.


I hope you enjoyed the post. Feel free to shout in comments… 😉


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