Hack Windows Admin

Window password cracker tool- Ophcrack uses rainbow tables and is based on time memory trade off i.e. it recovers 99% of alphanumeric passwords in seconds.



Ophcrack is a offline way of cracking. Just download the .iso file of ophcrack from here. Next step is to burn it on a CD and then enjoy using it ☺
► You can crack passwords of Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows Vista.

►You can recover 99% passwords of windows XP, that too in seconds. Any password of 14 characters or below it , which uses any combination of small letters, capital letters and numbers can be easily crackable.

► It uses a dictionary attack in window 7 and Vista.

►The option of Ophcrack Lice CD allows you for a complete automatic password recovery.

► Ophcrack Lice CD method does not require any installation in windows, which make it safe alternative to many other password recovery tools.

► You don’t need any window password to be known in order to use the Ophcrack LiveCD method to crack windows password.

Try this, just get a disk and write it. (Alternatively USB disk can also be used.)

For any query, do shout in comments. ☺☻


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