5 Best Features of Android Marshmallow

We bring out some of the new features and enhancements Android Marshmallow update is bringing about after its predecessor, Android Lollipop:

►App permission

If you don’t want to give excess information to the apps like your images, location etc., then this feature is specially for you. Using this, you can disable these functions in the apps permission lists available in Android Marshmallow.

Android M App Permissions

► Memory tracker

In case you want to track which application is consuming the highest amount of memory, you can easily track it using the latest feature in Android Marshmallow.


►fingerprint access

This awesome feature of Android Marshmallow not only help you in logging into a system using your fingerprints but also in logging into platforms such as Google play store where you can also authorize your purchases at Play Store.


►Auto backup

One of the best feature. Now with this feature you don’t have to worry about losing your data anymore, as Android Marshmallow comes along with an inbuilt auto-backup feature that carries your data on Google drive up to 25 MB per app.


►power saving

Android Marshmallow comes with a feature that lets you save energy consumption after recognizing that the phone has not been used for a long period of time. The Doze mode will minimize the background processes and ensure minimal battery usage.

Have a look at the infographic prepared by Samsung about the best features of Android Marshmallow:



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