How to Install Android M Launcher on Android Lollipop

Google recently released the official name of their upcoming new Android 6.0 as Android Marshmallow. Even though one of the first preview version was already launched months back but Google at last released new developer preview versions of Android Marshmallow for Nexus Devices. There isn’t much specific changes in the UI of Android 6.0 according to the preview version but the latest Google Now Launcher included in Android Marshmallow is bit faster and the icons are more snappy.

Although, since this is only a developer’s preview version , we can still hope Google to add some new features in the final build prototype. You can easily notice that your Memory Usage is improved after installing Android M Launcher on Lollipop as compared to the previous version of Google Now Launcher.android_m

Now, you can easily Install Android M 6.0 Google Now Launcher on your Android Lollipop handset also. It had been extracted from the Android M Developer Preview version. Please note that this APK is official new version of Google Now. You can download the APK given below:

Download Now

The APK carries official Android M wallpapers too.


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