Boost Your Productivity


Do you use Google Chrome for web browsing ?
If yes, then with the help of its some extensions you can easy your web browsing to a very high extent.

Extensions are a type of plug-ins used to speedify the internet browsing. So, lets learn about such extensions only which not only provide you a different experience for web browsing but also help you to increase your productivity…!!!


Tehnically this is not a extension of google chrome, but provide you a feature of accessing other computers remotely and even other users can remotely access your system. In case, while working on some other system, you left some some file there only, then you can access them remotely with this useful feature. All you need is a connectivity between two systems using Chrome Remote Desktop. Beside this you can share screen among ur collegues or friends. This feature supports Windows, Mac and Linux etc.


If your email receives lots of mail and you need to check them frequently then you can use Google Mail Checker. With the help of this extension, without opening the mail one will be able to know how many unread mails are there in the mail box. This extension can save your lot of time. This extension increases your productivity and is also availaible for free. No cost.



Adblock is one of the most popular extension of Google Chrome. If you are performing some work on web or studing on internet , then this extension help you in getting rid of Ads which are of no use. It blocks all the ads appearing on web page. Even ads on facebook, youtube and other popular websites can be managed through this extension. It works automatically, All you need is to add this on your chrome browser. In addition with chrome, Adblock also works on Safari, Opera and Firefox. There are around 40 million web users of this extension. This extension also helps in improving your productivity.



Generally during some work on web, we need to take out some screenshot for which the most common option is Print Screen Button availaible on Keyboard. While using this button, we are only able to take screenshot which is visible to us on the screen. But in Nimbus Screenshot of Chrome, you can take screenshots accordingly , as per your requirement, of the selected area, or of the full webpage. It is one of the best extension for windows user. You can take screenshots and show it to your collegues and friends regarding what you actually need. One of the main feature of this extension is that user can edit the screenshot. Its interface is also user friendly. In the screenshot you can add comments wherever required. Screenshots can also be saved in JPG, PNG and BMP.



This Chrome extension in addition with Android devices also supports i-phone and i-pad. This extension can send live URL from your system to your phone and tablet. Means the work you are doing on your system can also be viewed on your phone or tablet. You need to download the Chrome to Mobile extension on your PC. Offline view option is also given in this extension. In order to install it on your system, you need to have a Android Version above 4.0. and then you can enjoy the service. Enjoy…!!!



During studying or working on web, you find that you should save any article or video, which you may need in future then for that Google Chrome provide you the Extension named as Pocket for this purpose only. Pocket is a very useful extension if you want to save any type of document for future use. More than 10 million people are using Pocket extension for saving articles, videos, cooking recepies. You can access the saved items on any device at any time. You can use it offline also, means there is no need of Internet connection.


I hope you must have found something useful in this article. For any query, do shout in comments. Your suggestions are highly welcomed.


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